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Relaxation with Reiko

I had to make a quick trip to Red Deer the other day and after reading Reiko’s reviews I decided to contact her. She was easy to get in touch with and easy to find. Her incall is a nice quiet place that is well kept and tidy. Reiko has a great personality and is easy to talk to. We had a nice conversation while she completely relaxed me with a quality massage. I won’t go into any greater detail but will say that it was an energetic session that left me completely drained and relaxed. My only regret was that I had to turn around and drive back home again. I should also add that Reiko really seems to enjoy what she does. I know I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and will be looking for an excuse to head back to see her again soon. Definitely (IMHO) worth a visit.

Thanks for making my day Reiko!

"heart touching, mind blowing, stress relieving..."

"...helped me find my wild side..."



Reiko Lee : Red Deer's treasure

I met Reiko about six years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since. She has always been kind and a pleasure to be with. We met again last Saturday and she made the hour feels like quality time with an old girl friend. I enjoy her relaxed attitude, her sharp wit, her suckable toes and her lickable naughty bits. She can make this old fat guy feel young again with her massage and play afterwards.
Even after all these years, her sessions are never boring or predictable because she always throws in a little surprise. Great vfm and a comfortable salon.
Reiko will be touring after the new year so catch her in Red Deer while she is readily available. You won't be disappointed.



I had the pleasure of seeing Reiko Saturday Night during her first visit to Edmonton. She is still the Sweetie I met in Red Deer 6 yrs ago, genuinely warm and friendly with a great sense of Humor, making me feel at ease every time I see her. Plus very easy on the eyes. I tried making it to Red Deer this last summer and fall, but life just gets in the way, so I was delighted when she announced she was coming to Edmonton. I texted her and set up a get together. I made record time getting across the city to her location, treating a couple of Red Lights like they didn't exist, and one Stop Sign that no longer does. She greeted me very warmly and after a bit of catching up, the fun began, and like before, it was a lot of fun... She was happy to wear an outfit I brought. The time went by quickly, but not rushed, but far too soon it was over. Hmm, there's Sunday afternoon...

"Central Alberta's Gem!"



Reiko is what I've been missing in my life

I'm sure you've all seen the posts about Reiko before. I set up a meeting with her for today and I don't know why I haven't sooner. I wouldn't have to take my shoes off to count the number of meetings I've made in the industry but it would be pretty close.
I wish the first one had been Reiko, then every other one would have been! I won't divulge the details because they're easily imaginable but the experience as a whole was unlike any other. There's no rush to gtfo after you're done, that was a big thing I noticed. She's very beautiful and easy to talk to. She's very easy to talk to and I have no doubt she gets along great with anybody.
If you haven't called Reiko I'd recommend it be your next call hands down.
If you want a link just type Reiko into backpage, there's probably one there! :)
Thank you Reiko, it was a privilege!

"Red Deer's Korean Treat..."

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Executive Touch

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5003 50 street

Downtown Red Deer Alberta

Located beside :

Amazing Fantasy Comic Book Store

Monday - Thursday  10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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*Sunday -closed

**hours may by season & holidays **

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